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What Oz Pharma Contractors Do

Our contractors work like a normal part of your ‘marketing team'. They commence work at the time required; conform to all company guidelines & policies and do the work tasks assigned by the client.

Our contractor will normally have a ‘supervisory' or reporting person with whom they work for the period involved. This may be a Managing Director, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Product Manager or similar. It is important for the contractor to have a point of contact as they need a suitable person with enough authority to approve and sign their timesheets & a point of liaison for any queries.

What sort of Work do they Perform?

Commonly, our contractors are assigned tasks that can cover a wide range of activities. These might include any or all of the activities below:

• Marketing plans, and product assessments

• Product forecasting & budgeting

• Setting product pricing

• Re-designing packaging

• Getting medical & legal approval for promotional material

• Designing and producing promotional material

• Liaising with the client's agencies to complete work projects underway or planned

• Assist with getting sales conference materials ready

• Completing analysis and reviews of previous programs

• Re-launching stagnated programs or products

• Developing new promotional or target audience programs e.g.

  • Patient support
  • Consumer information
  • Roundtables
  • Conferences etc

These are only some of the activities we have done previously. Activities can range in difficulty from low level to high level.

Sometimes we assume the full role of an absent employee or sometimes we just work on certain projects that are allocated. It will depend largely on the reason that extra work power resources are needed.

Our contractors can do as little or as much as you need. We have a flexible approach to meeting whatever our client's needs are. 

What to Expect from Your Oz Pharma Contractor

Our role is to understand what activities are required to be completed and what deadlines are assumed. As we are very experienced across a wide range of tasks, we usually need little direction and can work unsupervised. This is important because you won’t want precious time diverted away from your staff’s existing priorities spent supporting the new contractor.


When clients call us, it is often when the current marketing staff are working under pressure with no available time to hand-hold new staff members.  We expect to be thrown in the deep end from the minute we arrive and do not take offence at being unceremoniously left with a long list of tasks that require detective work to get underway.


Our wide experience in pharma marketing means we can:

function as self-starters from the minute we arrive with our own stationery, materials and even laptop if needed.

 introduce ourselves to other staff members in marketing and other cross functional areas

 work out ourselves where meetings are held, how to book meetings, what the processes are required for approval of materials etc

 quickly learn what meetings are considered valuable for a contractor to attend and what are not – so we maximise our time working effectively

 Introduce ourselves to agency staff and understand how they usually work

 Seek out approval from the appropriate staff before implementing costs or unforecast resourcing.

 Adhere to all codes of conduct and corporate ethical policies.


In summary, we feel very comfortable in finding our own way around and coming up to speed fast! That is why you hired us!  >> Contact us now...

Added Value

Oz Pharma prides itself on providing added value above and beyond just completing the tasks requested.


One advantage of our broad experience & newness to the company is that we can sometimes see with fresh eyes, that which may be missed by incumbent staff. In some circumstances we have been able to add ‘extra value’ by mentoring younger staff or providing additional suggestions on program improvements, process modifications and removal of obstacles in the projects we have managed.


If we can add extra value in some form or shape, we are very pleased to, for no extra cost – our reward is a happy client!     >> Contact us now to discuss your situation

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