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Consultancy Services: Portfolio Management and Other Services

Portfolio Analysis

Oz Pharma can review existing product portfolio’s and make recommendations on what next opportunities may be possible or recommended including attractive market possibilities, acquisitions or deletions.

Marketing Planning Processes

Most companies have their own marketing planning processes in place, developed locally or in many cases directed by corporate.

Our expertise is to:

• Develop these processes from scratch where none exist or

• Review existing processes to ensure that there are no gaps or voids.

We have had the benefit of seeing inside many corporate planning processes which provides us with unique insights as to how some function better than others. This experience can be harnessed to maximise our client’s results.

Rx-OTC  and OTX switches


Having senior level experience in prescription and OTC markets, means that Oz Pharma staff are uniquely placed to understand the issues and obstacles that present for Rx-OTC and OTX switches at corporate level. Our experience includes high and low profile switches as well as participation in the Scheduling Committee for the Australian OTC Industry body (A.S.M.I).

Australian Switches

The switch market in Australia has its own specific idiosyncrasies and the regulatory environment is currently in a state of flux. In addition, healthcare strategy appears to be moving rapidly towards making prevention a major focus rather than just treatment.


With the likely demise of the National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee (NDPSC) in the future and government initiatives reviewing prevention opportunities, there is no doubt, scheduling will be an area of great interest in the next few years.

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