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March 4th, 2011
Social media tool usage soars at 80% growth
March 3rd, 2011
March 3rd, 2011
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These pages are intended to assist people in the industry currently, as well as newcomers, who are looking at the pharmaceutical market as a career or wanting to enter as a business entity.


Your Cheat Sheet to What's Here....

For your convenience here is a quick rundown on what information is available in the Resources section of our website:


Industry information

This is a brief industry overview with handy links to industry websites and other resources such as industry body publications.


Industry Codes of practice

A handy reference to all the current codes applicable to both the prescription and OTC medicines industry. The links go to all of the main Codes which are found on the relevant industry body websites, often with helpful explanations. In the case of the Medicines Australia Code, you will need to read the Guidelines that accompany the Code of Conduct. This is to ensure you obtain a full understanding of the regulations' true meanings and how they are interpreted.


Small Businesses

This section outlines a number of options for small businesses to contemplate in their plans going forward, as well as links to useful Tools and critical small business websites.


Links Library

Here we feature a comprehensive links list of industry bodies, customer groups, information sources, employment recruiters, and consultants.


Marketing News Archive

All past news story summaries are accessible through the Marketing News Archives Page. The stories are chronlogicaly listed from latest to oldest by year.


Need more information?

This information is a brief overview of what resources we offer. If you would like something else added, please contact us at Oz Pharma.


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