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March 3rd, 2011
March 3rd, 2011
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Anne-Marie Watson, the founder and Principal Consultant of Oz Pharma, has been associated with the Pharmaceutical industry in Australia for many years.



Since Oz Pharma's launch in 2002, we have been a proud Associate Member of the OTC pharmaceutical industry body, ASMI (Australian Self Medication Industry).

As well as having strong working relationships with many key members of the ASMI, Oz Pharma participates in various sub committees including Pseudoephedrine Committee, Rescheduling Committee (previously) and the Self Care Committee.

We have helped with developing an ASMI submission to the Australian Government on osteoporosis, and will continue to be involved with key areas in the future.


Medicines Australia

All our contractors have completed the CEP course required by MA for pharmaceutical representatives at some stage of their careers.

As the Code of Conduct continues to evolve over time, it is one of our requirements that contractors also have a current knowledge of the Code and its implications for the development of promotional programs.


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