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How We Approach Pharmaceutical Contracting

Before We start Contract Work

Once we receive a request from the client, we review availability & suitability of current contractors to meet client requirements. Suitability requirements include:

         Experience in the specific area involved

         Tasks involved

         Time period requested

         Full-time or Part-time

         Current time commitments

         Client satisfaction

         Competitive conflicts.

Contractor Experience Fit Matched to Client’s Situation

Our contractors have a wide array of experience in products, markets, therapeutic areas, target audiences and in types of activities completed.


We try and match our experience as best as possible to the client’s needs when assessing which contractor to assign. 


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Contract Period

The period of the contract work depends on what the client needs. It may be for as little as a few days or as much as several months. This is something to be discussed upfront, as a good understanding of client needs help us to ensure continuity of staffing. We prefer to have one contractor for a complete period of time as it helps ensure full and timely completion of tasks.


Often our clients only require a part-time temporary resource. However, we also know that for some specific situations, only a full-time contractor will be suitable. We can fulfil either of these requests, subject to availability of suitable contractors.

Current contractor time commitments

Our contractors do sometimes work for more than one client at a time. This is not usually a problem unless there is a conflict of interest (competitive products) or the contractor is over-committed their time to two different clients.


If our contractors are already working part-time for one client, before we allow them to work for a second client, we assess any potential conflict of interest and their availability for further project work.


We do not allow any contractors to work in conflict–of-interest areas (see below). Our goal is also to avoid conflicting working hours or demanding time travel that may affect any of our clients negatively.

Working in Competitive Areas & Confidentiality

If we are approached with contract work for competing products at the same time, we will always allocate different contractors to work on these products. If there are not sufficient contractors to cover the products separately, then we will not be able to accept the contract work.


It is our firm policy never to accept contract work for competitive products for the same contractor at the same time or within a close timeframe. This prevents any discomfort for both our clients and Oz Pharma.


Even when we have worked on competitive products at different times, we know our clients will understand that we will never use any information we have learned previously for the benefit of an existing client at any time.


As our corporate values include professionalism, integrity, respect and ethical behaviour at all times, we believe our clients will understand and respect this approach.

Appointing an Oz Pharma contractor

Once there is mutual agreement to payment rates & hours of work, then Oz Pharma will send a letter of understanding or complete a client agreement(s) that summarises terms. Often this will include a confidentiality agreement.


Most clients prefer to provide these agreements in their own corporate format. However, we can provide an Oz Pharma ‘proforma’ confidentiality agreement if needed.


All we need then is usually a spot to work from at our client’s office and we’re underway!


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