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Typical Qualities that make a Good Marketing Contractor

Not everyone is suited to being a marketing contractor. There are many things about this type of work that will not appeal to some marketers. For those of you who thrive on high-change, constant challenge and the ability to be your own boss, then contracting may be right for you.


There are a number of other factors though that make a ‘good contractor’.


Some of these characteristics include:-

        An ability to adapt quickly to new physical work environments: different seating, impermanent work positions and sometimes noisy surrounds. In many cases, you will be working in whatever spare work space is available. You can be moved unceremoniously, to make way for whatever priority ranks above yours. In most cases nearly all employee priorities rank above you.

         An ability to operate comfortably in highly uncertain circumstances. Contracting can be filled with uncertainty; where the next position will be; not knowing the client work environment and not having an established work network of colleagues and friends to support you.


     An ability to enter the client’s work situation and quickly assess what the work projects are and then develop a plan to action these.


     An ability to quickly and proactively develop business relationships within the client’s domain, even though it is ‘strange’ and the client’s employees are being met only for the first time in the project assigned.


     An ability to quickly assess and understand the client organisation’s culture and then being able to work within its limits to complete the tasks assigned successfully.


     A determination to provide the client with the right solution rather than what might be the most convenient solution.


     An ability not to be fazed by the type of work received or the status of the project received form the client management or employees. Often clients call us when things are very bleak and the projects received may be in a mess, mishandled, poorly detailed due to mitigating circumstances. The important thing is for the contractor to quickly take the reins and manage the project effectively, without making the incumbent manager feel bad for their inability to manage the project prior to the contractor’s arrival.


     An ability to work effectively with key client employees in technical and scientific areas and to understand and respect their roles & goals.


     An ability to quickly come to terms with the clients’ guidelines, policies and SOPs, and ensure these are followed as much as possible.


Think you have what it takes to be a successful contractor?


If the answer is yes, then you should read our list of Contractor requirements.

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