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Consultancy Services: Distribution Services

Contract fieldforce set up & deployment

Using third party fieldforces, whether internally or externally managed, is now part of everyday life in the pharmaceutical market. Our experience has involved both reviewing of all possible ‘third party’ options through to recruitment and launch of two separate contract fieldforces.

While it is not a new phenomenon, there are several important management issues to address in establishing contract fieldforces.


It pays to seek expert advice to ensure the right key success factors have been identified and actioned.

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Channel Analysis

Whether it’s to move from Rx into the OTC channel, or an extension from the pharmacy channel into grocery, we have experience to help guide the process. Our previous work has covered the following channels:

 OTC-route trade

 OTC – pharmacy only

 OTC – grocery & pharmacy

 OTC – health food shops


 Rx (primary care and specialist)

For the vast majority of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, these channels cover most distribution channels possible.

Whatever your situation, Oz Pharma will be able to add value to your discussions on healthcare channel strategy. Contact us now

Online Strategy


This area is one of the biggest ‘under-realised’ opportunities in the pharmaceutical market currently. Online strategy can provide the possibility of getting a competitive edge in customer communications both to key influencers such as doctors and pharmacists, as well as end users: the consumers.


Oz Pharma maintains a strong, active interest in online strategy and e-world developments. We regularly attend conferences, read expert reports and review the latest research. Our previous work includes involvement working on the e-strategy implementation for primary care and pharmacy audiences, as well as consumers.


Ask us for our overview of’ Latest Trends in e-commerce’ as part of your pharmaceutical e-strategy development. We are always happy to give advice!


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