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March 3rd, 2011
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Marketing Contractor Checklist:

Review Your Suitability

Listed below are some basic requirements you can use as a guide to review your suitability as a marketing contractor.


¨  5-10 years experience in Product Management roles or higher


¨  Experience in working at both strategic and tactical level in pharmaceutical marketing


¨  Experience with managing new product launches including budget responsibility


¨  Familiarity with relevant industry code(s) regulating promotion and advertising


¨  Flexibility with style and type of work required in contracting situations


¨  Self starter approach with proactive skills


¨  Open minded about work environment


¨  High level of trust and ethical standards


¨  You need to have your own business setup and be registered to pay tax


¨  You will need to have your own transport


If you have read this list and feel you meet all these requirements, please contact Oz Pharma to discuss a contracting role or

register your interest in a contracting role now.


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