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What's the Difference between Contracting & Consulting?

A question that often gets askedis what is the difference between contracting & consulting, if any'?

While both require experienced workers, the differences relate to the type of work involved, resources required and specialist knowledge required.

A marketing contractor:
  • Works on specific tasks as directed by the client within a specific time frame. The tasks may vary from low level to higher level marketing and may be tactical or strategic.
  • Is given task-oriented work that is usually related to a specific employment position in marketing operations and the degree of difficulty varies depending on the level of position i.e. junior, middle or senior marketing management.
  • May have deep specialised strategic knowledge but does not give advice. They fulfil tasks requested by the client.
  • Will usually be provided with resources on-premises to complete the tasks.
  • Will work on the client's premises or as requested during business hours.

In comparison, a marketing consultant:

  • Is expected to design, develop and implement a project by planning an overall approach, different project stages, tasks, resourcing and related budget. Most projects require high level analysis and strategic planning.
  • Is expected to have a level of specialised expert knowledge about the industry and specific project area so they can provide insights, highlight potential obstacles and barriers
  • Should be able to make strategic recommendations.
  • Provides advice to clients based on their expert knowledge.
  • Is expected to have access to their own resources including a range of information, research and industry specific publications.
  • Is expected to work in their office or premises.

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