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Australian Pharmaceutical Industry Codes

The Australian medicines industry (pharmaceutical, OTC and complementary healthcare) is regulated by a number of codes.


Prescription Medicines

The prescription medicines segment of the market is regulated through its industry body, Medicines Australia,

This body uses its own code of practice: the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct which “sets the standards for the ethical marketing and promotion of prescription pharmaceutical products in Australia. It complements the legislation requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations and the Therapeutic Goods Act” (See Medicines Australia website:

The most current version of the MA Code of Conduct is Edition 15, which took effect December 2006.

Review the MA Code of Conduct Edition 15.

Review the MA Code of Conduct Guidelines v.3 (to be read in conjunction with Edition 15)


Non-Prescription Medicines

The non-prescription medicines segment includes both OTC and complementary Healthcare products. There are two industry bodies that represent companies in the Non-prescription segment of the medicines industry.

There are:

  1. ASMI (Australian Self Medication Industry) is the peak body representing companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of consumer healthcare products in Australia. Visit ASMI website.
  1. CHC (Complementary Healthcare Council) is the leading expert industry association representing businesses involved in all facets of the complementary healthcare industry, a sector within the non-prescription medicines industry. Visit the CHC website.

This segment is governed by the following codes:

ASMI Code of Practice: a self regulated code implemented by for the non-prescription sector. This code was most recently revised, effective March 2009. Review the ASMI Code of Practice.

CHC Code of Practice for the marketing of Complementary Healthcare & Healthfood Products: defined asa code which promotes regulatory compliance as well as high standards of professionalism, in keeping with our commitment to ensure the integrity of healthcare products available to the community. The Code of Practice applies to the marketing of all complementary healthcare products.” (See Complementary Healthcare Council website:

Complementary healthcare products include (but are not limited to) vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements, herbal, homoeopathic, arthroposophic, essence and aromatherapy products.

Review the CHC Code of Practice


Other Codes

Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, TGAC: a legal code based on Commonwealth legislation. It sets out requirements that must be met by law that covers promotion of ‘therapeutic goods' to consumers.

Read Extracts of legislation related to advertising therapeutic goods.

Price Information Code of Practice: a voluntary code of practice based on the “Galbally Review” pertaining to the way pricing is used to promote drugs scheduled S3 (Pharmacist Only); S4 (Prescription Only); S8 (restricted drugs).

Review the Price Information Code of Practice.

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