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Anne-Marie Watson

Owner, Director and Founder of Oz Pharma Contracting & Consulting™

Oz Pharma Contracting & Consulting was started in 2002 to provide Australian Pharma companies with quality temporary marketing services to meet a growing need, evident in many organisations as they changed internally resulting from mergers, acquisitions and customer re-orientations.

This need was for highly experienced professionals that could step in to support departments struggling with work overloads, vacancy gaps, resource shortages and frozen headcounts.

Since then Oz Pharma has developed into a business entity, with two divisions –one focussing on Pharmaceuticals as the core business, with a small ‘sister' division that addresses the needs of small businesses including start-ups.

As Oz Pharma's founder and Principal Consultant, Anne-Marie Watson has an extensive background in Australian pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare marketing. Her experience extends across many companies, from junior to senior management levels and across a wide range of markets, products and therapeutic categories.

>> Read Anne-Marie's resume

As a science graduate from Sydney University, Anne-Marie did her entry level years in sales roles at Nestle and Schering Plough, where she earned her M.Bus (Mktg) while her career expanded into senior roles. It is while at Schering-Plough (S-P) that Anne-Marie has fond memories of being OTC Divisional Director, where she led the team who successfully switched Claratyne from RX-to OTC. This award winning campaign made Claratyne market leader in a year. At S-P, Anne-Marie was then instrumental in starting up the Essex Pharma Division, which she headed as Director, where together with her team, she helped successfully launch the Australian company's first alternative brands for loratadine, mometasone and flutamide, before leaving to start a family. Her later roles have included positions at Bristol Myers Squibb and Reckitt Benckiser. >>Read more about awards.

As an avid entrepreneur, Anne-Marie is enjoying her dream of owning and managing her own business and the challenges it provides, while allowing her to gain a greater work/life balance.

Oz Pharma has earned respect from its client base over the years and Anne-Marie is well-known in the Australian OTC & Rx pharmaceutical industry.

In her spare time, Anne-Marie enjoys family time with her husband and two children, as well as taking an active role in her local school, Amnesty International and studying a Bachelor of Arts degree part-time.

A NSW native, Anne-Marie owns a home in Sydney's Inner West area, although she now resides with her family in Montclair, New Jersey, where her husband has been relocated..

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